Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Requests

Requests for records held by the CHRT should be submitted under the Access to Information Act and must be accompanied by a $5.00 application fee. Requests to access your personal information held by the CHRT should be submitted under the Privacy Act. Please note that there are no fees for submitting Privacy Act requests.

Whether your request is submitted pursuant to the Privacy Act or the Access to Information Act, your request should clearly indicate the type of record(s) you are seeking and include timeframes where possible. Be as specific as possible and include all relevant information which will assist the CHRT in locating the responsive records.

Please send completed forms to:

Coordinator, Access to Information and Privacy Office
Administrative Tribunals Support Service of Canada
240 Sparks Street, 4th floor West, Room 444E
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0X8
Telephone: 613-957-3169
Fax: 613-957-3170

The Access to Information Act gives a right of access to records under the control of government institutions in accordance with the following principles:

  • government information should be available to the public
  • any necessary exceptions to the right of access should be limited and specific
  • decisions on the disclosure of government information can be reviewed independently of government

The Act also states that

  • it is intended to complement, not replace, existing procedures for accessing government information
  • it is not intended to limit, in any way, access to the type of information that is normally available to the general public